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The Card

Trade lines are credit accounts (each account is a different trade line) that aren’t necessarily belonging to you-but can be accredited under your name as the Authorized User (AU).

A trade line shows consumers credit behavior.

Trade line points creditor’s account name, truncated account number and the consumer’s payments status.


Payment status is the most important feature of the trade line.

Paying off your card well is an indicator of having high credit score. Are you planning to take a personal loan? Its fine but lenders and the banks are prompted to nuance through your credit history to check…

First, though, I need to point something out…

If you own a pet, more so a dog, you’re a very lucky pet parent.

Anyway, welcome to our dog’s best favorite article written.

Yep, a review of natural products to care for your pet.

Most pet parents beat around the bush trying to figure out the best dog shampoo, tear stain removers, and how to groom their dog.

The solution is here, stick around and you’ll learn everything you need to know about the best natural shampoo and tear stain removers.

Probably you have dogs who love their bath time, but…

How Flooding Wipes Nations, Displacing Thousands, And the Control Measures Taken

First, though, we all love rain, don’t we?

However, the intriguing part of it is would we still welcome it after bringing loss of life, property among other detrimental effects.

Ironically, rain is a core element of our existence yet it can be a weapon of mass destruction.

For a long time in Kenya and many parts of the world, floods have been a thorn in the flesh of people.

The big question is, is it impossible to handle floods or do we lack the initiative to solve them?

I go with the latter because we have the skills, the…

First, though, I need to point something out…

If you own a Goldendoodle, a puppy, adult dog, or senior dog, you’re a very lucky pet parent!

Most Goldendoodle pet parent beat around the bush trying to figure out the best dog food for their pet.

Since Goldendoodle is full of energy and fun, it is important that you feed him a well-balanced diet.

That can provide his body with everything it needs to stay energized and healthy.

But, you are different, you proved it.

I mean, finding the best dog food for Goldendoodles seems insignificant but it’s not.

But we…

Market Order: The Possibility Function on Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange

The market floods, globally, investors are in it- that is, the cryptocurrency industry.

The cryptocurrency industry has diversified from the centralized exchanges-the old way-where the order books were the go way to make a sell or buy to decentralized exchanges in which trades are made directly between people through an automated process without relying on intermediary institutions like financial institutions.

Thanks to DEXs

For configuring together the blockchain protocols and networks that allow peer-to-peer direct interaction with the decentralized finance sector’s products and services.

The market is flooded with many DEXs…

First though, I need to point out something…

Most people who dream about living a meaningful productive life never do anything.

But you are different. You just proved it.

I mean, living a meaningful productive life probably seems insignificant, but it’s not.

We all have to start somewhere. Me, you, everybody.

Stick around and you’ll learn everything you need to know about living a meaningful productive life and some of the setbacks that hinder one to live fully productive.

In other words, nothing but awesomeness

It will help, I promise.

Okay enough preaching.

Here’s the…you’ve been waiting for.

Its perfect…

How to Build Wealth like a Pro

Must you earn six figures to overturn the dream of building wealth into reality?


What do you need to…?

What you need to do is only have a plan entirely with that goal of building wealth in mind.

Many of us have this kind of retirement dream- to travel for adventure, to have family celebrations in our paid-for homes and trips to visit our children and grandchildren any time we want.

No matter how old or young you’re, some things are true regardless of your age. Different challenges and priorities at the…

Did you know the four bodies of wellness and… you exist in?

Your body is actually made up of distinct-FOUR parts –physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The latter three seems intangible but they have a physical presence.

T. Harv Eker, an Author, concluded that you live at least in four realms at once. The physical world, the mental world, the emotional world and the spiritual world.

The way to health, wellness and understanding your true being is each body should be balanced.

Most of us link health exclusively to the physical body and fail to recognize other factors that contribute…

When I married my life partner, we were very happy and felt like we had achieved our long-life desire.

Life was very interesting and we looked forward to a blissful relationship together. None wanted to leave the sight of the other and each day was a special event to us. We did our chores together and planned our projects in one accord.

After sometime, I gave birth to our first born which made our relationship even more interesting. Many more wonderful things have happened in our lives but I must confess that it has not been all rosy. There have…

How to Get Out of Debt Fast

Sometimes the unexpected occurs and people are forced to deal with situations immediately.

This may happen when you do not have any money and the only possible option is to borrow from money lenders. This may be a small amount or huge amounts.

No matter the kind of debt this may be, it can take months or even years to pay it off.

Fortunately, some tactics exist that can make paying off debts easier and less strenuous.

To get out of debt, consider the following methods;

· Pay more than the minimum requirement…

Mary Njeri

Article Writer.

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